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Expander Wheels

Shop expander wheels today then allow our friends at Farrier Products Distribution to lead you through the proper installation steps to get you up and running!

Mustad Throughout the Years

Explore Mustad's growing product line including Heller Rasps, St. Croix shoes, Mustad studs, a variety of tools, and much more.

Kerckhaert and the Farrier Industry

Kerckhaert has been a trusted name in the farrier industry since it's founding in 1906. Learn more about this great company courtesy of our friends over at Farrier Product Distribution then shop our wide selection of Kerckhaert horseshoes!

Working with the Mustad Equilibrium Shoe

Tips to get the best out of Olympics-winner Mustad Equi-Librium fronts - presented by Grant Moon

How to use the Rider's Rasp

Learn how to use Heller's Rider's Rasp, step by step.

Vettec Product Setting Times and Working Temperatures

Learn what temperature to keep your Vettec products at and how these temperature's effect setting times.

Helpful Hints for Using Vettec Products

Learn how to store your used Vettec products.