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Grand Circuit Baby Flippers can be used for therapeutic purposes. Baby Flippers are reversible and designed to be glued or nailed on.

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Grand Circuit Denoix Onion shoe protects the seat of corn from ground pressure and provides more "float" to the heel area by limiting heel penetration on soft ground. If used on the front limb it offers good heel support with rolling shoe over the roe and collateral aspects of the foot. SOLD INDIVIDUALLY


Grand Circuit Flapper is useful in treating general bone and joint soreness, weak or contracted heels, navicular syndrome, ringbone, sidebone, and quarter or heel cracks.The Flapper pad takes a half shoe fitted into the recess in front of the heel portion of the pad. The Frog and bars are designed to have "passive" ground contact and are supporting structures.

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Grand Circuit Shaper Rim has a wide rim for dirt to dirt traction, the rim is set to the back third at the toe for improved wear. This shoe is shaped to fit more feet with less effort.

From $6.05

Grand Circuit Shaper® steel shoes are great for balanced motion, ease of fit and most natural motion. 


Grand Circuit Stabilizer aluminum pads are useful in helping treat weak heels, sheared heels, and corns. These pads can be used to apply frog support to help establish normal physiology, and also provide support to the back of the hoof capsule.

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Grand Circuit Suspensory shoe help with indications such as suspensory ligament injuries, straight and oblique sesamoid ligament injuries, superficial digital flexor tendon injuries and proximal check desmopathies.  SOLD INDIVIDUALLY

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Grand Circuit aluminum Straight Bar is light weight and provides more ground surface by weight then a steel shoe. ( use on horses with upright conformation or high heels )