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From $34.90

KB Navicular Eggbar has an enhanced design then the regular KB Navicular shoe. A rolled toe combined with advanced alloy, reduce weight on the hoof and provide dynamic support.

From $30.65

KB Aluminum three-degree eggbar gives the horse just enough extra lift to excel in various activities. Breakover at the toe is also enhanced by our precise rolled toe. KB machines each shoe to a precision three-degree graduation from heel to toe. The three-degrees of elevation provide excellent support for orthopedic applications as well.

From $24.45

KB flat eggbar are unequaled in design function durability and ease of use. This shoe adds stability and offers comfort for the horse and peace of mind for the owner whether it be for jumping six-foot fences or for added support in a pasture.  Made from the finest aircraft quality aluminum alloy. 

From $22.25

KB Navicular therapeutic shoe has a unique breakover system designed to reduce stress on the coffin joint. Welded on accessories, shaping either hot or cold and making modifications, is simple. 

From $22.25

KB Horseshoes are light and durable with a two-degree graduation. KBT adds an excellent base of support. This true "sporthorse" shoe has a wide-web "rolled-toe" features to provide greater stability and ease breakover.