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Mustad Equilibrium Toe Clipped ( front )


Mustad knife sharpener has a diamond coating that sharpens with out removing excess blade. 

From $15.05

Mustad Equilibrium Aluminum Clipped ( fronts )

From $10.95

Mustad Equilibrium Steel Clipped

From $8.65

Mustad DynaMic shoe is an upgrade from the original DM model. The DynaMic has additional support at the heels and lighter quarters to make shaping easier.

From $129.05

Mustad Premium 14" Nipper features a unique box joint which is designed to maintain stability throughout the life of the tool. It has precise cutting edge sharpness, tool strength and durability.  Mustad Premium Nail Puller has a fine, precise tip and jaws that make it east to pull nails out of a variety of creases.  Mustad Premium Pull Off's innovative design delivers the mechanical advantage required for effortless removal of the shoe. Well balanced as efficient as it is comfortable.  Mustad Premium Ergo Clincher has a unique design that takes stress off of your wrists and hands. The Ergo Clincher sets and secures the clinch with minimum impact on the...

From $12.25

Mustad Toeing knives are used to cut the horn. Polished knives are available in two lengths. These high alloyed and forged blades from Sweden are extremely durable and have a good basic sharpness. It is recommended to use a soft hammer made of plastic, wood, or leather when cutting the horn. All toeing knives have a wide, comfortable plastic grip, reducing shocks and vibrations. 280 mm = 11" long. Cutting part of blade is 1"x3" 360 mm = 14" long. Cutting part of blade is 1 3/4" x 4 1/4"

From $9.00

Mustad No-Snow pads are a great choice for preventing mud accumulation and can often be reset. The pads are uniquely designed with a cushioned tube that compresses and expands to push snow out of the sole. The pads can be riveted at the heels and are durable enough to withstand a full shoeing cycle without tearing.